Launch Of White Label Social Banking Software

In addition to managing the peer-to-peer lending website ( isePankur develops and sells financial software for customers such as The Danwood Group in the UK. The award-winning software is targeted to both small and large organisations and is an ideal solution for social banking or online financial services providers who want to put their customers in full control of their accounts, loans and investments. isePankur have experience managing peer-to-peer lending websites across various markets in Estonia, Finland and Sweden and are soon opening the service to lenders in UK and in other European markets.

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BankSimple – Managing your cash via your smart phone

Let’s clarify what BankSimple is, and how it works. First, it’s not a traditional bank, but you do put your money in a BankSimple account as if it were a bank. You make deposits by electronic transfers or by photographing a check with your smart phone. BankSimple gives you an online interface, and a debit card, that you use to make payments from your BankSimple account. If you want to put some of your money in savings, BankSimple finds the appropriate financial products and invests for you. BankSimple manages your money, all you do is set goals for your savings.

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P2P Equity for Game Developers


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Why Does Disruption in Financial Services Come from Below?

Better underwriting is a double whammy because it allows a startup to compete on either lower loan loss rates, or  on lower acquisition costs (by advertising lower rates). I am highly interested in meeting companies who are taking new approaches to improving underwriting in various lending markets.


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Bendigo Bank invests in mobile payment technology!?

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has announced its foray into on-line and smart-phone financial applications with its purchase of a strategic equity stake in ‘Hub IT’.

Hub IT is an Adelaide-based company that has designed an online ordering system using smart phone technology, and was founded by former AFL star and Adelaide Crow, Brad Moran. Hub IT recently launched an application called ‘NoQ’ (no queue), which boasts more than 60 vendors, and 10,000 application downloads since its launch in September 2011.

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